Famous old woman candies shop near the school


She is the 1인샵 owner seller proprietor all the positions is hole by the old women it is the small shop near the big school in the city she selling the candies for the past 50 years so it is one of the old shops in the city there are the one old women who make the candies by their home so it is the healthy homemade candy and these candies are loved by the all the kids and the children who are being studied in the school even the big people are liking the candies very well

The types of candies


She has the different types of the candies in her shop we are be living in the modern world so in the modern world these old women are be selling the old types of the candies with the lots of taste and the healthy one these candies are very popular in the old generation she sells the peanut candies groundnut candies honey candies cotton candies mango candies and the salt and pepper of green mango famous lollipops orange chocolates and the many more

Way of preparing

The old woman preparing the candies by their own there is no person are be helping them to do candies at weekly once she goes to the market and the gets the required things and item for preparation of candies so she alone preparing candies by the own the preparation styles are very unique and the out of the product are very amazing she buy the good quality of the raw material and the preparation are very much hygienic so for the kids it can’t give any cold cough or any throat problem so it is very good things selling of the candies give him a good relief so she running the shop for the happiness of the kids and the people not for her profit an purchase of the raw material is being brought from the good shops they are in the top quality so if the raw materials are perfect and the out of the product is also gets be perfect

Prices of the candies

She sells the candies for the only low amount she wants to see the happiness in the kids face so she selling the candies to low price by selling them at the low price she doesn’t get the high profit but she gets the good happiness in it and many time she sells the candies for the free to the kids and the children, so she is very attached to the children and the children, are also be very attached to the old women one day one small kid asking the peanut candies the old women give the 2 candies for that kid but the kids don’t have any amount with her but the old woman said I don’t need the amount by seeing the happiness in your face itself is enough for me so she is a such good-hearted woman and the children and the kids and the big students are also be very supportive to the old women by helping them to serve and everything so it is the very popular in the city