Questions you should ask from wedding photographer

North East Wedding Photographer

As you may have seen, these days it appears there are increasing numbers of “wedding photographers.”

And how are you going to pick between these? Let us give you some advice. With 20 years of wedding photography experience, we’ve seen many photographers coming and going.

Here are a few questions you may wish to ask from North East Wedding Photographer :

  1. How long did you take pictures of weddings?

In a world where little creative work is available, the creative aspect of photography work seems to be very attractive, especially when modern digital cameras seem to be taking care of the technical aspects. Every year a new batch of hopefuls seems to take a photography course, and start in the wedding photography business thinking it’s easy money on a Saturday afternoon. The reality, of course, is that running a successful photography business is far more challenging than it appears and many of these new businesses will not survive in the long run.

  1. Do you personally attend my wedding?

You’ll be spending plenty of time with your friend on a very special day. It’s really important for that purpose that you feel relaxed with your photographer.

  1. Were the photos taken during a wedding on your website?

Having a great look web site has become very easy for anyone these days. When you take a closer look at photography blogs, you can see plenty that is packed with pictures from libraries, or pictures from training courses, or from models shoots. To sum up, these photographers display photos they couldn’t replicate on a wedding day on their websites.

  1. May I see you photographed any of the full weddings?

Many photographers use passwords to lock their company areas, making analysis of their work difficult. Ask to see any or more of last year’s weddings.

  1. Have you taken the pictures from your show album? (At the Marriage?)

We have seen these albums frequently displayed at wedding shows by photographers.

  1. Can I see your second photographer doing some work?

A lot of photographers use the trainees / students / friends / etc. A a photographer second. We believe your big day deserves more, and the second photographer also needs to be eligible so you can be sure of the quality of the work.

Look for good pictures, not just parcels

You want to see images that have consistent lighting but are not mere repetitions. A good photographer is going to be able to make the best of all the lighting conditions and if all their images look exactly the same but look somewhere else with different couples.

North East Wedding Photographer

Professional photography

After spending thousands of dollars for this one day photograph of your wedding is the one memento that you will have to look back on for the rest of your life. Long after the wedding is over and you get back into the daily grind of work and life that you don’t want to take a look at your pictures and wonder what you’re looking at. You can’t do it over this day and why are you thinking about whether or not you’ll be satisfied with your pictures.