Who are Stump Grinders

Stump grinding is not easy and even time-consuming job, even when it comes to smaller stumps. This is why it should be performed by a professional removal or machine extraction company, and drilling is the fastest, easiest, and most desirable way to remove unwanted stumps from your property.

Stump removal companies use big machines with grinders for stump extraction and drilling. A quick job can generally be done within a day or two. Companies also need to be licensed and certified in knowledge about lines and utilities. It’s their job in the interest of safety for both you and your property that they accurately locate any electrical wires, water pipes, heating pipes, or any other utilities that are laid under the stump area. Most of the time there is no problem with that, but if you are concerned, it is good to know professionals will take care of it. If you need to cut the stump up out of depth above one foot, it’s a safety standard to check for underground utilities.
You can get a quote or an estimate from every reputable company, and for a rough estimate over the phone, please measure the width of the stump grinding at ground level so that there is no misunderstanding about the price if the stump is measured from where it was cut off rather than at ground level. Companies generally won’t charge extra unless the root is more than half a foot deep, but in case it’s deeper, special tools will need to be employed to drill them out, and this will, of course, require more financial incentive. The stump grinding machinery has tracks, an arm with a grinder and sometimes a drill as well. These machines offer incredibly high power and high mobility, meaning they can easily cross any obstacle, climb any hill, and descend any slope up to 13%. Keep in mind that these machines can only access gardens or yards with an entry more full than 3 feet, so inquire about the tools your company of choice uses and prepare the entrance gate accordingly.

As these machines have tracks, they pressure the surface evenly over a big area, and as such don’t put a lot of weight on grass or decorative elements of the garden. As they weight below a ton, and the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the left and right tracks, which means that we do not have to cross the lawn tractor to get there to the stump. In most cases, you won’t even be able to tell that they were in your yard and were removing the stump. The equipment is best available for peeling and drilling stumps, removing extensive root surface, is also able to grind the stump near obstacles such as driveways. In many cases, we can safely grind stumps or roots at a distance of only an inch from asphalt or concrete barrier.
True professionals also employ rubber guards on the stump grinder, so any wood shavings are collected in a bag instead of being scattered, and at the end of the job many companies will offer to mulch the soil with the fertilizer that was created during the stump peeling.