Choosing the Smart Values of Business Setups

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As practice has shown, the Arab medieval sheiks turned out to be much smarter and more far-sighted than, for example, this country enlightened politicians. Perhaps this happened because the kings of the United Arab Emirates see their own around and try to improve and increase this own, wanting to bequeath to their heirs a stronger and richer country, while the political elite sees alien around, and Own accumulates somewhere far beyond the stormy waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. With the business setup in Dubai , you can have the smart options now.

business setup in Dubai

The economy of the Emirates

In fairness, it should be said about another source of competitiveness of the economy of the Emirates: the UAE is characterized by a significant number of migrant workers, who actually make up a large part of the labor market of this state. In the United Arab Emirates, a huge number of visitors are constantly working from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other countries of South Asia and the Philippines, as well as from Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Eritrea. In other words, people from all neighboring countries and regions flock to temporary earnings in the UAE, providing a steady surplus of labor and a low cost of hiring personnel.

Government Policies

For many years, the Government of the United Arab Emirates has been pursuing a systematic policy of supporting various sectors of the economy, for example, the processing industry, the fuel and energy sector, the energy sector (including nuclear and alternative energy), construction and real estate, medical tourism and the pharmaceutical business, the agricultural and food industries, civil aviation, metallurgy, tourism, aerospace construction, etc.

Funds from Different Fields

Funds received from the sale of oil and gas abroad are regularly invested in these industries, which, in particular, allowed the UAE government to build more than seven hundred different enterprises in the oil and gas, food, ship repair, chemical and metallurgical industries, cement and aluminum factories, and food industry enterprises. . As a result, the Emirates processing industry currently occupies the second place in the region in terms of total production volumes, second only to Saudi Arabia, whose population is about five times larger than in the UAE.

Also, as a result of the implementation of the targeted investment policy, the UAE was able to significantly reduce the share of revenues from the sale of oil and gas in the structure of GDP, although, until the time when the United Arab Emirates could completely abandon the sale of these resources outside without the threat of destroying the national economy, it is still a long way off. Therefore, the stereotype existing in this country, the perception of the UAE as a country in which there is only oil, tourism and real estate today no longer reflects the real situation and is mostly outdated.

The Final Words

Indeed, investments in the raw materials and processing industry of the UAE have maximum attractiveness for foreign investors. Moreover, today export indicators of such raw materials as liquefied gas and aluminum are growing rapidly from the UAE, which makes them the most interesting areas for investment in this country.

However, cement chemical fertilizers, dates and textile goods, as well as the opening of medical center’s dental and cosmetic surgery centers, investment in trade and production of which can bring worthy profit to investors, also show no less good profitability indicators.