Computer networks and the significance of their usage

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A computer network comprises a group of computers which is used to provide information in vast. Commonly used as communication protocols in a digital network which is used to share information through connection points called nodes. Nodes are formed as a group of telecommunication networks based on wired or wireless radio frequency methods. These nodes are identified by their network address also called hostnames, which is used to identify the internet concord. Herecablagem estruturada access to world wide web, we can easily listen or watch digital audio or video, we can share applications and also it provides storage services, the hard wares like printers, fax machines, can easily ingress through services provided by computer networking. nowadays comfortably we can text instantly or send an e-mail. these services concord it designs the format and sequences of messages between network services.

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Computer networking also called a limb of computer science, computer engineering, is a wide way to develop the technology.

  • The first computer network was built for the U. S military radar system in the late 1950s. A port called named modem allows digital data transferring its count ranges start from bit.
  • The LAN (Local Area Network )also called Ethernet from 2.94 Mbit / s the original to the 10 Mbit /s protocol was developed by Ron crane.

Network Array:

According to the modern world which is developed by technologies also provides modernized data arrays which means a data carrier. networks (data) are typically provided in the size of packets through physical links to certain maximum transmission units (MTU).

Network topology (twisting):

Network Is twisted into a pattern or organized through the hierarchy of the interconnection of various other network hosts.

Bus network, star network, ring network, tree network, mesh network, fully connected network.

Network  security administrator:

Every network is indebted to provide network security, which means only permitting authorized access and monitoring all over functions. An Authorization to access data in a network in controlled network administrator .we users are given a user ID  and passwords to that are provided by the network to access information and programs, in their authority both public and private security as provided to secure bank transaction, the communications between users highly end to end encrypted,  and highly confidential information in government agencies and individual provided security. Nowadays the e-commerce has developed rapidly as it was introduced during the mid-1990s on the world wide web it was related to monetary exchange for goods so encryption was given utmost importance to promote this they introduced Netscape Navigator in a new shot, the Netscape created its standard called security socket layer it assured encryption.

Aspects of networks:

Usually, both the users and network administrators have different views of their networks, hardware sharing printers among a group of users that is LAN called Local Area Networks geographical locations, physical routers, gateways are physical perspective has geographical locations in it.

TCP/IP architecture Computer networks and significance of their usage private administrative always by an enterprise or only by authorized users (e.g., employees) each has its bandwidth which is called consumed hand width it is achieved through goodput i.e., the average rate of successful data transfer through a communication path. the through the path.