Different mode of online shopping

Online shopping is changing

Online shopping is nothing, but it is a normal shopping centre which is done through online mode. It is helpful for the people who love to purchase different types of products like Gadgets and Accessories etc. This way of shopping or this mode helps people to do their job easy. We can also use to buy any kind of products through this mode by using a mobile or computer.

What is this term called “Fast Fashion”?

Fast fashion is nothing, but it is a kind of process that people will buy a certain type of product and they will use it for a particular period, and they will dispose of it. In this world, all the peoples are adapting to this mode of shopping. Nowadays, Online shopping is changing .We need a solution and change in this because the previous method of shopping we said is harmful to the environment.

Who is this, Michael Ginnerskov Jensen?

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is a United State IT entrepreneur, who wants to give a modern solution to the online shopping method where it is favourable for the environment too. His answer is a person can buy a product through online, and he or she can use that product for a particular time, and instead of disposing of that, they can donate that product to the who are in need. Nowadays, online shopping is running successfully, but he wants to give a chance, and he wants to modify the pattern of purchasing online for the upcoming generation.

What are all the advantages of this mode of online shopping 

  • The first and foremost advantage is it is very much favourable for the customers and the environment.
  • It also satisfies the customer’s necessities.
  • For example, only people who have high income can buy high-quality products, but middle-class people can’t afford to believe that. Through this mode, every people can get the opportunity to use the high quality branded products.

Why is it so important to consider the environment?

Nowadays peoples are using various kinds of products, and they are disposing of it simply if they don’t like the product. In the United States of America, they are reporting that there are 11 million tons of waste products are disposing of every year, especially electronic item related wastes are increasing daily by this disposal. So it affects mainly the environment. So, this method of shopping provides us to reduce and manage the wastages. That’s why it is called an environmental free mode.

What are all the unique things presents in this mode of shopping?

The unique things presented in this mode is the person who donates the product can get a special Gift Card which rates equal to the effect they have contributed. Another important thing is we can pay a particular amount which will be standard for your shopping purpose; you can purchase any products with that amount.

What are all the disadvantages present in this shopping?

Online shopping is changing

We all know that in this pandemic situation, the disease is spreading very fast and quick, even if we take the necessary precautions. We all know that this disease is spreading when we use the products of the affected person. So, this process of donating the products could cause a global pandemic.