Discover the true Worth of Your Real Estate

Comment développer son patrimoine

The real estate industry has undergone many changes in recent years, and this has made the work of brokers even more important and detailed especially in large cities, there has been a tremendous appreciation that has led many people to see unrealistic value in their properties. With the Comment développer son patrimoine this is important now.

The quality trader, in turn, needs to be aware that this does not undermine his pricing and ends up causing him to miss good business opportunities. By carefully observing the right items, it is possible to arrive at a fair and positive value for all parties to the transaction. Want to learn how to do it the best way? So keep reading and learn these tips on how to evaluate a property.

Notice the finish

Comment développer son patrimoine

Finishing is one of the most valued items by buyers, especially the most demanding ones. For this reason, it must be very well analyzed when evaluating a property. The level of detail and the types of materials used are critical, as many builders and even owners end up choosing to save on finishing and use products of dubious origin, minimizing durability and enabling the emergence of early defects.

So be on the lookout for peeling floors, peeling films, electrical faults or leaks, mold on the walls, or poorly maintained wood. In addition, misplaced coatings tend to come loose over time, and second-tier service can compromise the beauty of the unit.

Consider the recreation areas

The concern with the quality of life is very high these days, and this makes the existence of recreational areas is fundamental when it comes to evaluating a property accurately. Football, tennis or basketball courts, fitness centers, gourmet venues, saunas, ballrooms, swimming pools, spas and Zen spaces are always very positive and well-liked by customers, which makes the condominium and the property much more attractive to the eyes of the buyer. Therefore, at the time of pricing, they need to be closely observed and considered to arrive at a fair value.

Study the plant

Knowing the square footage is not enough, as the way the plan was made is essential to evaluate a property. Many people buy a unit already thinking of making changes later in order to adapt the property to their tastes and needs. Often the possibility of expanding the room or converting the kitchen into an open concept is highly desirable, and this possibility can drive prices up.

But the existence of many primarily structural parts, such as partition beams and undercut electrical items or wall hydraulics, can end up throwing the price down, as they end up plastering the unit, not allowing changes or adjustments to the buyer’s taste.

Review the parking spaces

We know that public transportation in Brazil is highly ineffective, especially in big cities. Because of this, the purchase of cars ends up becoming indispensable, even in small families.

Within this reality, you must take into account the existence or not of a garage, and also the number of cars that it has. In the capitals of the country, this ends up being a good marketing strategy because the value of a job can reach huge amounts. Therefore, you cannot leave this item out when evaluating a property.