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Of all the sports, the most widespread and known in the world is soccer, and it is also the one that counts the most practitioners.

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Soccer is the national sport par excellence not only in our country; the only one that unites all social groups in a common feeling of enthusiasm and participation and that manages to keep the attention well before and well after the hour and a half of the duration of the game. Whether it is the television medium or the vision directed at communicating the images of the game, the excitement of the public always remains at a very high level and the tension almost never subsides with the end of the game but transcends it and has the opportunity to unload in the city ​​streets, also involving those who did not follow the competitive meeting. It is a game that, projected beyond the official stadiums, reinvents itself daily in the thousands of more or less improvised sports fields, in schools and in the courtyards of the houses. Get the arsenal premier league tickets now and find the smartest paths.

The great popularity of this sport derives in practice from several factors

  • The ease with which one can practice, two teams and a ball are enough, and anyone can approach this discipline
  • The social and aggregating aspect of this discipline, which, like all team games, allows its diffusion in every population regardless of gender and cultural and socio-economic ideological conditions.
  • The role of the mass media that has contributed to the spread of this sport in every part of the world, not only in Europe but also in Asia, Africa, America, where until not long ago soccer played a marginal role compared to others sports disciplines.
  • A case in point of this soccer globalization is also given by the fact that the FIFA (Federation International of Soccer Association) maximum world soccer organization has organized and organizes some of the most important sporting events in countries where this sport is still in development, to example:

The world championship of 1994 was organized in the USA, the soccer at the highest levels that for the first time expatriated from the European continent

The World Cup finals for Clubs that for several years now have been held on the Asian continent and recently also in North Africa

  • The 2010 world championship held in South Africa, for the first time on the African continent
  • The 2018 world championships already assigned to Russia
  • The 2024 World Cup already assigned to Qatar

Soccer World Popularity

The FIFA carried out a study in 2006, published in 2007, the “Big Count 2006” where it is said that in the world there are 265 million people who play soccer, of which 38 million are members of various companies. The same study found that the total number of people directly involved in soccer is around 270 million, including referees and officials, around 4% of the world’s population.

The continent with the most players ever is Asia (85 million), followed by Europe (62 million), Africa (46 million), North America (43 million), South America (27 million), Oceania (0.5 million); in percentage, the greatest diffusion is in Europe followed by America.