Give the best title to your essay

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An essay can bring you many other benefits, starting with better visibility on the web. If it is well constructed and well written, you can even convert your readers and push them to buy your products or to call on your services. But before you get to that point, you will have to make some editorial efforts. Writing your essay must be neat to return a professional image of your brand and bring positive signals to Google. In this article, you will get the best advice for writing an essay. To write my essay online now you will be able to have the best option here.

Look after your titles

The title of your essay is the first thing that will catch the reader’s attention. It must therefore be treated well and short, ideally between 4 to 10 words. For short, remove any adverb, adjective and preposition.

Your title should also be:

  • Visible: Use a larger font size than the body of text and avoid writing in italics, uppercase, or underline.
  • Eye catching: invite to read while remaining explicit.
  • Well-referenced: add keywords so that search engines consider your title to index your pages.

Let’s take a look at optimizing your titles for SEO. This is a very important criterion that should be taken into account when writing your blog post. It must be eye-catching for the user and attractive for the search engines.

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The title: the key element of SEO

If you are a web editor, you know how important it is to write good titles to attract the user hold his attention and invite him to click to read an essay. If you are an SEO copywriter or web SEO, you also know that the title of a web page corresponds to the Title tag in the HTML standard.

Where is the Title tag?

The Title tag is at the beginning of the code for each page of your site, in the HTML header. In the code, here is what your title looks like:

Title tag HTML code

Note that the title tag is not displayed in the body of the essay text but in the browser bar at the very top of the window. The title is not really the title of the essay but rather the title of the web page you are looking at. Here in this example, you distinguish the title at the very top of the browser bar that corresponds to the Title tag, and the title of the essay, which corresponds to the H1 tag in the HTML standard.

Tag Title Essay

Pay attention to the length of your title. If it is too long and your user has multiple tabs open then your title will not display entirely on the tab in question.

Did you know?

The Title tag is also the one that appears in the Google results pages. For this purpose, it must make you want to read and click on the link. Your page title may be the same or not as the title of the essay.

How to write a good title?

As you have seen, the title tag title will be displayed in the SERPs results. It must therefore make users want to read your essay and look after its page title is a priority in terms of SEO.