Greater Solutions For Easy and Cost Efficient Bathroom Renovation

rénovation salle de bain

Options abound when it comes to flooring, and we can count on options that enable us to create an incredible aesthetic in bathroom decor. Ceramic tiles are becoming more and more innovative and it is already possible to find models with reliefs, 3D effects, textures and prints that can transform any bathroom into a magazine. The models that feature reliefs on their surface beautify the bathroom by themselves and gain even more prominence when lighting hits them. Materials such as Corian are also on the rise and can be present in both countertop composition and colorful detail in walls and niches or opt for the traditional. For the rénovation salle de bain you can find the best options now.

Black and white bathroom

The traditional ceramic tiles are no longer the same, the tiles, tiles and porcelain tiles have high quality and a modern look that is updating every day. The versatility of porcelain tiles can be explored on both walls and floors and we can find the material in various sizes, finishes and prints that perfectly simulate other types of materials such as wood, steel, marble, cement, etc. Conventional tiles and tiles also offer modernized options with different colors, beautiful prints, reliefs and geometric fittings that make it possible to create original environments.

rénovation salle de bain

The design of a bathroom remodeling may arise as much from the desire to update the design of the environment as from the need to correct any identified apparent pathologies and vices. Some very common damages in these spaces are mold, due to excessive humidity or problems in the building’s hydraulic or sanitary system; the detachment of ceramic tiles, which occurs due to the failure of the waterproofing, the form and the materials used in the laying; as well as issues related to poorly executed interfaces, such as cracks in liners.

Contrary to popular belief, reforms can be the result not only of problems but of maintenance we call preventive: those that should minimally be carried out to maintain or extend the life of the building systems and subsystems that make up a bathroom.

In order for this renovation to be carried out in the right manner, it is necessary to take a few steps and take a lot of care, as well as ensuring that all products used are of quality and specific to the work in bathrooms. The financial part is important, however, evaluating and determining a product solely and exclusively by cost factor can result in future problems and may incur the overall cost of the work in the medium and long term.

Reform Planning

The first step in the renovation of a bathroom is the elaboration of a project, which must be related to all executive stages of the work. A well-detailed project helps to resolve any technical concerns of the owner as well as the performer, avoiding project adjustments and decisions made without proper technical planning and consistent with the scope of this reform.

Another initial concern should be to analyze the plans and technical projects of the construction. This type of precaution is important because if there is a need to drill or bore any masonry in which water-sanitary facilities are embedded, care should be taken not to break the respective pipes and negatively interfere with these systems.