How the freedom firm made a change in india

The Freedom Firm

In 2016 an organization was formed to save the girls who are being fooled in the name of love and are trapped inside the sex trafficking concept. the name of the firm is The Freedom Firm . This farm was originally started by a young couple named Greg and mala. They worked with the IJM for more than five years and then they began their first movement of saving the girls who have been used for sex trafficking. the girls are trafficked because they are promised of money, of jobs and they are also abducted when they are on their way back from school, work. they are also trafficked by their family members in some cases. there is a community in our society. where the girls in their family are historically put into prostitution in order to provide food and money for their family the sad part is few girls think they are destined to be prostitutes. They think their life’s purpose Is that. when it is actually not. they think they meant for this job.

Crueles way

This way, the girls fall in love with the guy and our promised off marriage and they go along with they are fiancé. As they get older the guy sells the girl off to a brothel community.


The interrogation happens only with the help of the police patrol. But the process is done by the undercover Staffs from the freedom firm. The stops dress undercover an act like customers to the brothel community and derive as much as information possible from the girls who are abducted inside. they work really hard to help them get a life outside of this. Girls 70% of the girls are tested positive for HIV disease. since 2006 the freedom from has rescued over 300 minor girls from the commercial sex trade. they teach the girls who are rescued, how the disease looks like and how they have to take care of their selves during these situations. Because they are completely and typically uneducated. so they are taught a lot of basics From A to zed indoor restoration process. Both practical and theoretical knowledge is provided to them by the team.

The Freedom Firm

LEG UG programme

Mala after a few years Developed the leg up programme. This is horse therapy which was a really tangible way of bringing the horse up. they get to ride and groom the horse and interact with the worse. when it comes to the other disabled children who are not focused on themselves so much about learning and studying how to trust an animal or love them well counsel and helped to relate it to real-life situations. The rehabilitation for girls is through a job and finding their skills which help them become successful.

Hama business

They help them to survive through the platform of HAMA designs. the business that the freedom firm runs. the girls make jewellery, they learn computers, they learn how to take pictures, they learn how to upload pictures, they help Mala is designing and they also help in the management of the business. The products, the packaging and all kinds of business deals. This helps them be self-empowered and also helps them to restore confidence for their selves to carry on with their life after they leave the firm. it also helps them not to fall back into the brothel trap again. the most effective way to combat sex trafficking is to hold on to them help them move on and help them heal to lead a happy life ahead.