How to Check and Repair any Damaged Hard Drive

Hard Drive Repair

Importance of Hard Drive

Hard Drive Repair

Hard Drive is an important component of any laptop or desktop that stores all your large and massive data to refer to future projects. It is also known as Hard Disk Drive and the computer’s main memory. The very first sign to solve the problem of Hard Drive Repair is encountering the logical errors present inside the hard disk. When a drive shows such errors, it becomes unreadable and treated as bad sectors. But this doesn’t mean that there is something incorrect within the disk, it only suggests that hard drive needs to get repaired.

Follow these steps that are essential for checking and repair of hard drive: 

  1. The CKHDSK Utility: It is one of the best and major tools to keep any HDD in a good condition. This program mainly checks the disk errors to fix them accordingly. CHKDSK initially does the hard drive scanning, corrects all the errors in the logical sector, mark down the bad sectors which can’t be fixed and moves all the data to a safest place that is healthy inside the hard Avail this handy tool, however, be cautious that this utility can’t be operated automatically as it works with manual set up. However, this function is primarily designed for PCs that are installed with hard disk drives and not for everyone. It is not that important to run the program if your system is built with SSDs that is strong to deal with any errors.
  2. Disk-Checking Utility: It is readily available for Windows 10. Open a File Explorer window to access the disk error checking utility. Go to “Devices and drives”, here you need to right-click on the labelled “C” which is nothing but a primary drive. After this, you need to right-click and select the tab of Properties in the menu which upon opening will suggest you to select the tools tab. This allows you to check for the system errors where you need to click on the button that is placed next to this button. When the window opens click Scan drive and the scanning will start immediately.
  3. CHKDSK in Windows 10: This tool runs differently from the previous CHKDSK versions; before you run the utility you need to reboot your system. It works on Windows 10 system as an administrator with Command Prompt. Hence to run this check disk utility on your system that has one drive the customer need to type chkdsk that will check for the possible errors in your hard disk but cannot fix anything even if it finds any problems. Further to fix any other problems, add the switch command for CHKDSK, that will tell provide you switches of “/f” to fix and “/r” to recover the information that is readable. The complete command will be then framed as C:\chkdsk /f /r (spaces between the command are vital with command-line utilities).


Whether you want to check and fix any errors on your current PC or older version access the above mentioned utilities to run the program on your system and fix the issues accordingly. It will help you retrieve your valuable data that is stored in the hard disk which is not functioning properly.