Maid World and Their Life Routine

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The present world is so fast as working machines. There is no place for relaxation and taking care of themselves and maintaining their duties. There arises a need for extra people to fulfilling their needs. He or she should do all the works which are instructed by their owners. Their names are denoted by maids or hire a housekeeper today!Their works depend on their working places. Their work is denoted by the word housekeeping. They also called by tweeny, factotum, etc.,

Appearance of maids

Generally, there is no rule to be separated from their working place by their dressing and appearance. But in some places, it is following as tradition. That maid should be like this, it includes their dressings, hairstyles, speaking style, etc.,

In ancient times, In the palace and all The maids have separate uniforms and hairstyles for both men and women. They should be always in uniforms until leaving for their home.

Male maid

The male maid is considered as a higher priority then female. Their assigned duties are like footmen, vehicle rider, safeguard, etc.. they are significantly called as Butler traditionally.

Responsibilities of maid

Maids are the people who took all your works and provide space for your entertainment. They help you to care for your guests and entertain them in a great manner.

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Their ordinary works are cleaning your dishes, clothes, house, buying things to yourself home, maintaining your furniture, etc.,

Their responsibilities also include punctuality and presentation and satisfying their owners by their works. Because all owners expect punctuality from their workers. Neatness and perfection are also expected.

Reasons to have a maid

There are many reasons to have a maid service in our home and office.

At home, the major reason is the number of family members and the size of the places. Single men can’t cook for 20/30 people at home. That creates a place of the maid at home. This is not only the reason even in the nuclear family have a maid too. Because both went to a job then a person is needed to take their home and clean.

In the office, there have a lot of simple works like supplying files to the staff, giving snacks during breaks, and taking attendance even to watch incoming and outgoing persons.

Problems faced by housekeepers

They work as maid due to a lack of money. But in some homes and working places, the salary provided for maids are very low. That is the main problem. Other problems are lack of rest, holiday scarcity, low level of respect. All the above the worst problem faced by women maid is sexual exploitation. That worst situation is faced in all fields by some bad men people. Some other problems are lack of welfare facilities.

Children carrier 

In the present world, most of the children are growing without the direct care of their parents due to their busy routine. Maid is arranged also to care for children. They advised by the caretaker, played with a caretaker, spend more time with a caretaker, even they are feed by the caretaker.

World of maid 

Requirements for maid and caretaker are world wide. They work as a cleaner, washer, caretaker, home maintainer, supplier, and so. They are multi-tasking persons in the world

Treating of maid 

We should appoint a trusted person. Speak them with kind-hearted. Because of they too human being. Treating them with equal respect is important. Work assignments should be in limitation.


Maids are also a human being. We should treat them with humanity. They are here to help us. They are not slaves to us spread love everywhere.