Merits and demerits of officetel


Officetel is intended to be a halfway independent structure, to such an extent that its inhabitants can live and work in a similar structure, limiting drive time. In light of the accommodation of having everyday schedules situated in one structure, a huge extent of the officetel’s occupants incorporate attorneys, bookkeepers, charge bookkeepers, educators, and craftsmen. Office space is generally distributed rented to exchanging organizations and little to medium-sized organizations. 강북분양 Can propose you best service and find officetel that is accurate for you.

what is officetel?

General definitions of officetel apartments

Officetel is a compound word with two things: (office) and Hotel (houses). Each officetel condo has a little region, from 25 m2 to 50 m2, reasonable for a wide range of clients, particularly business people and entrepreneurs. This sort can both meet the everyday needs of mortgage holders and can give an agreeable space to the exercises of the organization.

The advantages and disadvantages of the officetel apartment

Like different condos, Officetel enjoys its benefits and disservices that you need to consider before picking this sort.


When lodging costs, just as the lease of condos and workplaces are “raising”, Officetel loft is an ideal arrangement. Generally speaking, Officetel is progressively turning into a recent fad of the functioning space period. Officetel has not just saved you a great deal of cash in leasing space, yet it likewise brought you cutting-edge innovation in the activity interaction. Officetel was destined to occupied individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea of how to adjust to life and work. On account of Officetel, you can undoubtedly do exchanges in time regions with unfamiliar switches. Not exclusively can your representative increment efficiency and responsibility, however, you can likewise save money on rental expenses and huge workplaces yourself. Likewise, this is additionally an ideal spot for experts to work and unwind as opposed to remaining in costly lodgings.

  • With a space of just 25 m2 to 50 m2, Officetel has a lot less expensive cost than a typical condo is an advantage that we can without much of a stretch see.
  • Officetel ensures solace when the offices gave bring 5-star quality.
  • Today, the Officetel model has become very famous because it has quite recently addressed the requirements of rest and work, however, the cost is as yet modest, such countless independent ventures have picked this arrangement. Thusly, the productivity from leasing condos Officetel likewise from that surfaces.
  • Officetel is regularly used to set up a delegate office for the organization so it is frequently situated in ideal spots in the downtown area, advantageous for movement to anyplace.
  • Officetel likewise ensures fundamental legitimate rights, for example, move possession, contract rights, …


Since space is very restricted, just around 25 m2 to 50 m2, official condos just address the issues of little and medium undertakings. On account of enormous organizations, the huge number of representatives, this model is hard to meet.


Officetel condos just have a limit of 50 possession. Thusly, contrasted with the lodging which can be possessed forever, this is likewise a shortcoming of this sort.