Smart Options in Legal Counsel Now

Regardless of the problem you want to solve in legal terms, choosing a good lawyer can help you with a quick solution and with real constructive tips for what you need at that time.

At present, it is quite difficult to choose a good lawyer, since there are numerous companies or individual law firms, with differences of prestige, fee and working with clients. You can take into account your choice of recommendations, the lawyer’s notoriety or how he has solved other cases in the past. You can visit for the best choice.

But there are certain criteria that you should consider when choosing a good lawyer, to ensure that you have the best services and that your rights are respected.

Legal activity

The first thing you need to check before you start working with a lawyer is the nature of his activity. To speak of a lawyer who legally works, they must be registered in the National Union of Bars of Romania (UNBR). Only such a lawyer can represent you legally and has credibility for solving legal problems.


It always calls on a lawyer who specializes in the field that interests you. Some lawyers prefer to work on cases from different fields and are part of the “best to all” category, but not always such a lawyer can help you properly, especially if we talk about a case with complex implications. If you need a divorce lawyer, you will automatically call a family law lawyer and not a commercial law lawyer.

Customer relationship

A good lawyer will want to know all the details of the problem you are hiring for. He is obliged by the nature of the profession not to judge, to personally interpret the client’s actions and to influence his decisions in any way. You need an equidistant person, with integrity and openness to any problem of a legal nature.

At the same time, before hiring a lawyer you must make sure that the lawyer is fully dedicated to your case. You do not need a man who does not keep his word, delays in meetings does not answer the phone during the program and do not show interest in your problem.

It is advisable to call a lawyer registered in the bar in the locality where you are, in order to avoid paying extra for his accommodation and transport.


Great attention should also be paid to the fee imposed by each lawyer. There are law firms that charge substantial fees and individual law firms that can help you for a much smaller sum of money. Ideally, you should find someone who is in the middle of the tariff, but here come the recommendations and opinions of other customers.

The appreciations you receive on your personal website or on social networks can help you get an idea if a lawyer’s high fees are correlated with his professionalism. Also, don’t forget to find any information on the internet about the lawyer you are considering. If you have had problems with other clients, have not been successful in the cases represented or are a doubtful person, all this you can find with a little research on the Internet.

Contract and invoices

It is advisable that the lawyer with whom you are going to collaborate to make a legal assistance contract and offer you a copy. Any payment made by it in the case must be accompanied by the invoice or fiscal receipt. Thus, you are sure that, in case you need to make a complaint about the lawyer’s activity, you will have all the necessary documents attesting his collaboration with you and the amounts of money involved.