The Best of Life Coaching for You

life coaching workshop

To achieve different goals, different means can be used, such as a survey conducted by the personnel department of employees. This makes it possible to identify in which areas employees feel pleasure, difficulties or lack, and then try to remedy it in the most effective way possible.

It is important that the personnel department acts as a mediator with the staff. They are interested in information about their own work as well as information or changes concerning the company as a whole. By involving all the parties concerned, everyone can work according to their own experience to solve a problem. With the life coaching workshop this is a very important option now.

Target group coaching

The type of supervision varies according to the collaborators concerned. It can be a preparation for retirement or pre-retirement, a colleague with problems of drug or alcohol use or a conflict between two employees for example.

life coaching workshop

This is why human resources personnel must have a variety of specific skills and qualities, including psychological ones. He must also know the internal workings of the company. All major companies have a human resources department. But such a load must not be neglected in the smallest structures. At the risk of not seeing some internal problems without being treated, they will inevitably grow worse.

Most of the time Generation Y employees have a bad reputation of being difficult to manage at work rather than old employees. We often refer to this generation of people, who are generally born between the early 1980s and 2000s, like the boomers since their parents were the famous baby boomers. The boomers grew up at a time when the internet was easily accessible, where social networks were no longer a novelty but a necessity, and where being stuck in technology was no longer a trend but a way of life.

What is the relationship between all this and Generation Y at work?

First, employers are beginning to realize that they need to revisit aspects of their employment cycle to meet the needs of this dynamic generation. To better manage Generation Y at work, you need to understand how they think. Please note that this is a generalization and that not all Generation Y employees should be considered in the same way.

Work is more than a paycheck

The times when people only worked to put food on the table and have a roof over their heads are now a thing of the past. The Millennial as they are sometimes called off today have a broader vision of the labor market: a career also gives them the opportunity to explore their passions, to pique curiosity and to live life. They have different experiences.

They also consider what a company can offer them in terms of benefits, and not just talking about insurance or paid leave. Everything revolves around things that have an aesthetic value like a modern desk, state-of-the-art accessories and even a sophisticated coffee maker or a well-stocked refrigerator. They value companies that keep pace with trends and not only show their appreciation by giving monetary bonuses, but also by organizing social and fun activities, offering them extraordinary opportunities and offering them a source of satisfaction.