The Proper Drain Cleaning Options for You

Blocked Drains Essex

Ever since you took possession of your home, everything seemed to be going smoothly. However, some time ago, you noticed a few cracks in the foundation of your recent acquisition. Choosing the Blocked Drains Essex is important there. After chatting with acquaintances, they advised you to hire a plumber. According to them, it would be a French drain problem. Later, the plumber will confirm this hypothesis, while also questioning you about the type of maintenance you are performing on the drain. As you haven’t done any, he suggests cleaning but is it really necessary maintenance?

How the drain works

A drain is a drainage system that aims to prevent water from seeping into the structure of the house, through the concrete walls that make up the foundations. Thus, a drain is an elastomeric membrane that is installed all around a house to prevent infiltration. This membrane redirects water currents away from the house through the use of a pump. The walls of the house equipped with such a system are therefore protected from any water infiltration.

Maintenance of the drain: mandatory

Your drain should do its job without a problem, if it is maintained properly. Indeed, if you do not clean it frequently, your drain may lose its efficiency or become clogged and thus, increase the risk of water infiltration. With the harshness of the climate, it is necessary to have a drain inspected in early spring, when the thaw period is in full swing. It is indeed during this period that groundwater is most virulent and that your drain must be fully operational. In addition, the polar cold lands each year can cause premature wear of the piping system or even burst pipes if the drain is blocked. Don’t wait to have a plumbing emergency on your back.

Drain Inspection

Blocked Drains Essex

These days, companies specializing in drain cleaning and plumbing start their analysis with an inspection. Video inspection is the best way to know the exact condition of your drain. A full pipeline scan will reveal what problems are present and what may arise, and professional technicians can suggest the best way to deal with all of these issues. Then, they will proceed to cleaning using a pressurized water jet machine or a disgorging ferret.

Access through a chimney

Note that to clean a drain you must make a chimney to access the drain. It will be a permanent fireplace, thus facilitating future maintenance and reducing their cost. If you already have an access chimney, this will lower the cleaning costs, but it will still require specialized machinery to do the cleaning. Usually, cleaning is done fairly quickly, in two days at most. Thereafter, it will be enough for you to be diligent for your next meetings. A well maintained train will be appreciated by future buyers.

A completely clogged pipe must be the object of a rapid intervention. You try a liquid un-blocker but the result is not very convincing and in addition, it pollutes a lot. Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with clogged pipes before hiring the plumber

The hanger trick

Take a regular wire hanger and straighten it as you can. Then bend one end to create a small hook. Remove the cover from your pipe and start fishing. You should be able to get all kinds of “material” and different residues that have clogged your pipe. Once you’ve collected as much residue as possible, pour hot water down the drain. Thus, you can once again have a pipeline free of any obstacle.