The Secret of WordPress Plugins for You

WordPress Plugins

If you are also creating a new website, then you have probably already gone through the choice of domain and hosting. But now you have to face another dilemma:

What are the best WordPress themes?

What is the most suitable template for my website?

This phase can be very frustrating, we know.

Just open Themeforest or simply the WordPress theme directory to literally feel overwhelmed. A bit like when you throw your clothes haphazardly in the closet, then you open it and it collapses all over you. The same feeling can assail you even if you have a site already started and, despite the fact that you already have some experience, you decide to do a nice makeover by changing the theme. With the WordPress Plugins you can make the best come up.

Here we are to your rescue

We accompany you to explore the best WordPress themes and help you choose the one that’s right for you. It may also help you read my guide on how to create a successful blog and my guide on how to create a website. Well, let’s try to make sense of this jungle of themes.

WordPress themes: let’s make a premise

WordPress themes

WordPress Plugins

Key question: what is a WordPress theme for? First of all, the theme is the habit that makes the monk, and how he does it. It’s not just a matter of design or structure. In fact, themes generally provide several basic features. In other words, each one already has a sort of integrated WordPress plugins or real plugins to be activated during installation.

So the first thing you will need to do is check what your needs are and check if the theme meets them. Then there are themes that only work on the graphic aspect: colors, fonts, structure, etc. Our advice is to orient yourself towards themes that are already studied specifically for your sector.

Looking for WordPress themes to create photography portfolio sites?

You will find those that allow you to create custom image galleries and backgrounds.

Are you going to build a corporate website?

Look for one that focuses on portfolio pages, testimonials, teams, etc.

Do you want to sell your products with an eCommerce ?

Use WooCommerce and choose one of the many compatible themes designed specifically for online sales.

There are also many beautiful themes designed specifically to be adaptable to any sector, such as the WordPress Divi theme, which can be good for a blog, an eCommerce, a site with a reserved area and practically everything. Whatever your goal, always choose quality and adaptability to your field.

By focusing on these two points, you won’t go wrong

Free or paid WordPress themes?

“I don’t have a scent, I’ll choose a free theme.”

“Why should we spend 30-40 € for a theme, if there are already many for free?”

Here we have to take a moment the point on what real savings are. Of course, it is natural to believe that with the free theme you save. But now we turn your life upside down with a little paradox:

If you choose a free theme, you’re actually going to spend more.