Medications and the Options For You Now

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The flag of the country in which the site is hosted must also appear on the logo. By clicking on this logo, the consumer must be redirected to the page of the regulatory authority of the country that mentions the authorization to sell drugs as well as the related physical pharmacy. In this country, the National Order of Pharmacists publishes a list regularly updated, and accessible to the general public, e-pharmacies authorized to sell drugs without prescription. To buy medication online usa  this is perfect. Moreover:

  • The chosen site must mention information concerning the physical pharmacy with which it works: signboard, name of the pharmacist, address of the pharmacy, and who issued the authorization.
  • The medicine you have chosen must be very precisely described: indications, composition, dosage, side effects, precautions, etc.
  • The patient must be able to create a secure private account that guarantees confidentiality.

The benefits of online pharmacies

buy medication online usa

Non-prescription medication for over-the-counter drugs: The main benefit is price. Optimized management of operating costs makes it possible to offer products at very competitive prices. In addition, let us not hide that in traditional pharmacies, it is the pharmacists who freely set the price of drugs without prescription, and it is on these drugs that the margin is the most important. From one pharmacy to another, prices can vary by a factor of 3 or even 4 in cities like Paris.

For people who are alone, have limited mobility or can no longer get around, online pharmacy is the only way to get medication. Soliciting a neighbor, a friend is not always easy. Not to mention those who live in medical deserts, more and more numerous, and for whom, it is sometimes necessary to move more than 30 km to go to a traditional pharmacy.

For others, it is the discretion that prevails. Indeed, the first studies showed that the most bought drugs online are medications related to modesty and for which the shame of expressing orally the demand predominates: vaginal mycosis, hemorrhoids, anti-diarrheal, premature ejaculation line, no interlocutors, and no judgment.

Confidentiality and modesty are preserved: no fear of exposing your problem to the pharmacist or the customers who are lining up. Also note that on all online drug sales sites, by clicking on the drug you have chosen, you have complete information on the drug that the pharmacist often does not have time to give you. Instructions are written: indications, dosage, adverse effects, contraindications, precautions. There is information that you will read much more naturally than when the leaflet is folded in a box. In general, no one reads records except when an adverse event occurs.

In summary, what types of drugs can I buy online?

Anyone residing in the European Union can, therefore, buy medicines with and or without prescription on the Internet and legally subject to taking the necessary precautions. In this country, Belgium, Spain, Italy, remember that only non-prescription drugs in the pharmacy are allowed. As a result, if an e-pharmacy offers you an over-the-counter antidepressant, an antibiotic, a sleeping pill .you are sure to be connected to an illegal site.

The list of authorized medicines, in this country for online sale, is accessible to all and is updated regularly by the ANSM National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products. There are today nearly 4,000 referenced medicines. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and many Nordic countries, it is possible to order not only non-prescription but also prescription drugs and it’s legal.