Various nature of the pattern in the fabric designing

repeat patterns

Various nature of the pattern in the fabric designing

In the natural world there we found visible regulatory of form that can be known as patterns in nature. The patterns were found in various dimensions in nature with the different contexts over the world that modelled mathematically. There are various patterns found in nature like trees, spiral, symmetries, waves, meanders, cracks, foams, and then the stripes. To explain the patterns in nature, the early Greek philosophers have studied the patterns with the shapes that were present in nature. Those Greek philosophers are Plato, Empedocles, and then Pythagoras has an explanation about nature. Those were the source of the repeat patterns  that have been used nowadays in the part of designing. The visible patterns have been in the modern understanding of patterns that have been developed gradually.

Symmetrical pattern:

repeat patterns

We can identify the symmetrical shape in various living things in and around the world. In favour of the movement, the animal moves usually have bilateral or mirror-symmetrical movements. The radial or rotational symmetry is found in the plants, and they create many flowers and also the animals are having large statistic alerts over it. For an illustration, we can have the sea anemones. In the echinoderms, the fivefold symmetry is found like sea urchins, starfish, and then the sea lilies. Not only among the living organisms but also the nonliving things also have the symmetrical shape. Sixfold symmetry is found in the snowflakes the structure is varying in conditions because each flake is unique. During the crystallization the structure of the flake that varies in its conditions likely in every arm of the snake flakes.

The spiral pattern:

In the body plans of the animals, the spiral pattern has been found, and then the molluscs also included in that spiral pattern. The leaves of the plants like phyllotaxis are found with the spiral shape around the stem. There are the flower heads that have various spirals for an illustration there are various spirals found in the sunflower and also the fruit structures like pineapple found with multiple spirals over it.

Turbulence, meanders, chaos, and then the complexity as a pattern:

In the prediction of the chaos theory, the laws of physics were deterministic, and there some of the differences among the event and the patterns that are happening in nature the starting conditions can differ, and the exact situation not exactly repeat over nature. The happening that occurred in nature is due to dissolution in the emergence process. In the shape of complexity, many of the natural patterns have occurred that are included with vortex streets. In the rivers, the effect of turbulent flow happens.

Dunes and wave patterns:

According to the moves of the waves, the energy can be carried over. Through the medium of air and water, the mechanical waves are propagated. The chaotic patterns were created through the wind waves that can be called as the surface waves. The patterns of ripples were created by the waves that were passed over the sand.

And also the patterns of dunes are created when the wind passes over the sand. Those were considered to be the chaotic patterns of the sea and as well as the sand.